Maggenta Custom Design Wallpapers transform your spaces; with exclusive standards into special and enjoyable living spaces for you.


Maggenta Special Design Wallpapers; it is custom-made for you according to the measurements you specify using the image you select.

During production; approved by international environmental and human health organizations, fiber-based, recycled, breathableand three distinctive types (non-woven, toilette and self-adhesive) are used.
Please note: Maggenta papers are not thin poster paper or foil based paper.

Maggenta print inks; approved by international environmental and human health organizations, odorless, nickel free, H2O based.non-flammable products, products that do not require an additional ventilation system in their environment.

Maggent offers you products that you will use with pleasure and confidence on the walls of all your life and work spaces.

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In order for your product to be delivered to you as soon as possible, please make specifying your contact address accurately. Your requested Maggenta wallpaper is delivered to contracted cargo company in no more than 2 days inside its special package. Delivery date of your product is 2-8 days depending on the country you are in.


You can rest assured that we have made every effort to be satisfied with our product. Each order is custom made for you. If the item you ordered does not meet your expectations, within 30 days following the delivery, you can return it without notifying any reason. If the returned product is original, undamaged and full, it will be accepted.

In the return of the product; you can reproduce the product, produce another order at the same price, or you can refund your money within 14 business days to your bank account. To request a refund, please contact me at and inform about your order number. Difference between colors displayed on computer screen and actual colors is not accepted as technical malfunction. A return request is not accepted if there are damages caused by external influences.